GlasGo!: The Social Health Pedometer

During 2014, Glasgow city council held 4 different hackthon events to promote, amongst other things, the use of their data sets as part of an open data initiative. After discovering that this event was actually real, my friend (Lauren Norrie) and i went along. During the 48 hour event Lauren and I joined forces with 5 others to form the “RedLines” team.

Working Hard (with hair...)
Working Hard (with hair…)

Our idea was simple, provide a pedometer that could use these data sets to identify and notify things like:

  • open times for parks
  • bus time tables
  • areas where there were high numbers of car accidents
  • proximity to shops (where rewards could be redeemed)

We also provided feedback (with consent) information to the council on usage of parks and services to help them better cater for the community.

Paul Harvey
Paul Harvey
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