A Scalable Runtime for the ECOSCALE Heterogeneous Exascale Hardware Platform


Exascale computation is the next target of high performance computing. In the push to create exascale computing platforms, simply increasing the number of hardware devices is not an acceptable option given the limitations of power consumption, heat dissipation, and programming models which are designed for current hardware platforms. Instead, new hardware technologies, coupled with improved programming abstractions and more autonomous runtime systems, are required to achieve this goal.

This position paper presents the design of a new runtime for a new heterogeneous hardware platform being developed to explore energy efficient, high performance computing. By extending and enhancing the OpenCL framework, this work will both simplify the programming of current and future HPC applications, as well as automating the scheduling of data and computation across this new hardware platform. Also, this work explores the use of FPGAs to achieve both the power and performance goals of exascale, as well as utilising the runtime to automatically effect dynamic configuration and reconfiguration of hardware platforms.

Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Runtime and Operating Systems for Supercomputers