1. Multiparty Session Types for Safe Runtime Adaptation in an Actor Language    .
    The 34th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming ECOOP 2021
    Online, July, 2021
    Paul Harvey, Simon Fowler, Ornela Dardha, Simon J. Gay

  2. A Feasibility Study of Cache in Smart Edge Router for Web-Access Accelerator    .
    The 9TH International Workshop on CLoud and Edge Computing, and Applications Management
    Leicester, UK, December, 2020
    Krittin Intharawijitr, Paul Harvey, Pierre Imai

  3. Scission: Performance-driven and Context-aware Cloud-Edge Distribution of Deep Neural Networks    .
    The 13th International Conference on Utility & Cloud Computing
    Leicester, UK, December, 2020
    L Lockheart, Paul Harvey, Pierre Imai, Peter Willis, Blesson Varghese

  4. WattsApp: Power-Aware Container Scheduling    .
    13th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing (UCC
    Online, December, 2020
    Hemant Mehta, Paul Harvey, Omer Rana, Rajkumar Buyya, Blesson Varghese

  5. “Guilty as charged”: Index finger pointing as an emblem    .
    The 8th Conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies
    Cape Town, South Africa, July, 2018
    Prakaiwan Vajrabhaya, Paul Harvey

  6. Adaptable Actors: Just What the World Needs    .
    The 9th Workshop on Programming Languages and Operating Systems
    Shanghai, China, October, 2017
    Paul Harvey, Joseph Sventek

  7. A Scalable Runtime for the ECOSCALE Heterogeneous Exascale Hardware Platform    .
    The 6th International Workshop on Runtime and Operating Systems for Supercomputers
    Kyoto, Japan, June, 2016
    Paul Harvey, Konstantin Bakanov, Ivor Spence, Dimitrios S. Nikolopoulos

  8. Parallel Programming in Actor-Based Applications via OpenCL    .
    The 16th International Conference on Middleware
    Vancouver, Canada, December, 2015
    Paul Harvey,K. Hentschel, Joseph Sventek

  9. Accelerating Lagrangian Particle Dispersion in the Atmosphere with OpenCL    .
    The International Workshop on OpenCL
    Bristol, U.K., May, 2014
    Paul Harvey, Saji Hameed, Wim Vanderbauhede

  10. A Virtual Machine for the Insense Language    .
    The 6th International Conference on MOBILe Wireless MiddleWARE, Operating Systems, and Applications
    Bologna, Italy, November, 2013
    Callum Cameron, Paul Harvey, Joseph Sventek

  11. Wireless Sensor Network Simulation With Xen    .
    The 46th Annual Simulation Symposium
    San Diego, CA, USA, April, 2013
    Paul Harvey, Joseph Sventek

  12. Channel and Active Component Abstractions for WSN Programming: A Language Model with Operating System Support    .
    1st International Conference on Sensor Networks
    Rome, Italy, Feburary, 2012
    Paul Harvey, Alan Dearle, Jonothan Lewis, Joseph Sventek

  13. Designing the Next Generation Grid Information Systems    .
    Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics
    October, 2010
    Laurence Field, Paul Harvey, Tim Dyce


  1. Evolutionary Autonomous Networks
    Journal of ICT Standardization
    April 2021 (to appear)
    Paul Harvey, Alexandru Tatar, Pierre Imai, Leon Wong, Laurent Bringuier
  2. Autonomous networks: Adapting to the unknown
    AI and Machine Learning in 5G - ITU
    December 2020
    Paul Harvey, Prakaiwan Vajrabhaya

Technical Reports

  1. Towards A Truly Autonomous Network . .
    Position Paper
    April 2020
    Pierre Imai, Paul Harvey, Tareq Amin
  2. Specifications of Systems Software and Programming Model . .
    Ecoscale deliverable
    May 2016


    USA 63/010660 (pending)
    April 2020
    Pierre Imai, Paul Harvey, Tareq Amin


  1. A linguistic approach to concurrent, distributed, and adaptive programming across heterogeneous platforms . .
    Ph.D Thesis
    December 2015
  2. InceOS: The Insense-Specific Operating System . .
    Masters Dissertation
    April 2010
  3. XenoContiki . .
    Honours Dissertation
    March 2009


  1. Evolving Autonomous Networks
    TSDI, online
    November, 2020
  2. Autonomous Intent
    TSDI, online
    November, 2020
  3. Autonomous Edge Computing
    Edge Computing World, online
    October, 2020
  4. Towards A Truly Autonomous Network
    ITU, online
    June, 2020
  5. Rakuten Mobile Makes An Autonomous Network
    NECTEC, Thailand
    November, 2019