The following is a list of the publications that I have achieved so far.

Conference Publications

  1. Adaptable Actors: Just What the World Needs    .
    The 9th Workshop on Programming Languages and Operating Systems
    Shanghai, China, October, 2017
    Paul Harvey, Joseph Sventek
  2. A Scalable Runtime for the ECOSCALE Heterogeneous Exascale Hardware Platform    .
    The 6th International Workshop on Runtime and Operating Systems for Supercomputers
    Kyoto, Japan, June, 2016
    Paul Harvey, Konstantin Bakanov, Ivor Spence, Dimitrios S. Nikolopoulos
  3. Parallel Programming in Actor-Based Applications via OpenCL    .
    The 16th International Conference on Middleware
    Vancouver, Canada, December, 2015
    Paul Harvey,K. Hentschel, Joseph Sventek

  4. Accelerating Lagrangian Particle Dispersion in the Atmosphere with OpenCL    .
    The International Workshop on OpenCL
    Bristol, U.K., May, 2014
    Paul Harvey, Saji Hameed, Wim Vanderbauhede

  5. A Virtual Machine for the Insense Language    .
    The 6th International Conference on MOBILe Wireless MiddleWARE, Operating Systems, and Applications
    Bologna, Italy, November, 2013
    Callum Cameron, Paul Harvey, Joseph Sventek

  6. Wireless Sensor Network Simulation With Xen    .
    The 46th Annual Simulation Symposium
    San Diego, CA, USA, April, 2013
    Paul Harvey, Joseph Sventek

  7. Channel and Active Component Abstractions for WSN Programming: A Language Model with Operating System Support    .
    1st International Conference on Sensor Networks
    Rome, Italy, Feburary, 2012
    Paul Harvey, Alan Dearle, Jonothan Lewis, Joseph Sventek

  8. Designing the Next Generation Grid Information Systems    .
    Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics
    October, 2010
    Laurence Field, Paul Harvey, Tim Dyce

Journal Publications

Technical Reports and Dissertations

  1. A linguistic approach to concurrent, distributed, and adaptive programming across heterogeneous platforms . .
    Ph.D Thesis
    December 2015
  2. InceOS: The Insense-Specific Operating System . .
    Masters Dissertation
    April 2010
  3. XenoContiki . .
    Honours Dissertation
    March 2009