FedAdapt: Adaptive Offloading for IoT Devices in Federated Learning (to appear)

Dynamic computational offloading in edge-based IoT for federated learning

Herding the FLOQ: Flow Optimised Queueing (to appear)

"With more and more people working remotely, the demands placed on network operators to deliver high quality Internet connectivity to users is at an all time high. This is especially true for web page responsiveness, a human-centric activity. Several …

Autonomous Networks: Create, Validate, Apply

Autonomous operation is more than just ML + use case...

Research and Development of Cooperative Autonomous Networks

This is a multi-year funded research award by the Japanese National Institute of Information and CommunicationsTechnology

The Toothbrush Made Us Do It: The Telco Need for Dynamic Intelligent Runtimes

Data is everywhere, but who makes sure that it gets to where its going?

Glasgow University: Edge Computing

A research collaboration on distributed management at the Edge

Queen's University Belfast: Edge Computing

A research collaboration on distributed machine learning at the Edge