autonomous networks

Autonomous Networks: Create, Validate, Apply

Autonomous operation is more than just ML + use case...

Research and Development of Cooperative Autonomous Networks

This is a multi-year funded research award by the Japanese National Institute of Information and CommunicationsTechnology

SG13 Technical Tutorial on Autonomous Networks

This talk is about the current progress from the focus group on autonomous networks

Architecture Framework for Autonomous Networks

This is a work in progress architectural framework for the design of a system capable of performing autonomous operation or networks systems. This is submitted to the ITU Focus Group on Autonomous Networks as document FGAN-I-098.

Autonomous Intent

A look at the role of intent in the autonomous operation of networks.

Evolving Autonomous Networks

The need to think about autonomous networks in a different way.

Towards a Truly Autonomous Network

Public friendly version on my thoughts towards achieving true autonomy.

Rakuten Mobile Makes an Autonomous Network

Outlining the collaboration oppertunities with Rakuten Mobile and NECTEC