Overview of Glasgow University & Rakuten Mobile Collaboration

This video described the collaboration between Glasgow University & Rakuten Mobile Collaboration, includeing the goals, topics, motivations, and oppertunity.

Stories From The Edge

This talk is a collection of stories about research projects happening at the edge from an industrial perspective, and where those projects may head.

Glasgow University: Edge Computing

A research collaboration on distributed management at the Edge

Queen's University Belfast: Edge Computing

A research collaboration on distributed machine learning at the Edge

Queen's University Edge Hub Launch

As part of the collaboration between the Rakuten Mobile and Queen's University Belfast, this talk was part of the official opening of the Edge Computing Hub at Queen's. This talk gives an overview of the need for edge in a telco network and an …

A Feasibility Study of Cache in Smart Edge Router for Web-Access Accelerator

Regardless of the setting, edge computing has drawn much attention from both the academic and industrial communities. For edge computing, content delivery networks are both a concrete and production deployable use case. While viable at the WAN or …

Di Wu

I am an industry supervisor for Di.

Krittin Intharawijitr

Krittin was an intern at the Rakuten Mobile Innovation Studio and was working on edge computing. The work done was published here. The presentation can be found here.