A Truly Autonomous Collaboration: Evolving with purpose

This talk is about the process of forming the collaboration between Rakuten Mobile and the University of Strathclyde

Strathclyde University: Evolutionary Computing

A research collaboration on applying evolutionary principles to the creation and adaptation of control systems

Revisiting the Arguments for Edge Computing Research (to appear)

This article argues that low latency, high bandwidth, device proliferation, sustainable digital infrastructure, and data privacy and sovereignty continue to motivate the need for edge computing research even though its initial concepts were …

Glasgow University: Edge Computing

A research collaboration on distributed management at the Edge

Queen's University Belfast: Edge Computing

A research collaboration on distributed machine learning at the Edge

Rakuten Mobile Innovation Studio

Creating a research lab from scratch in a big company.

Queen's University Edge Hub Launch

As part of the collaboration between the Rakuten Mobile and Queen's University Belfast, this talk was part of the official opening of the Edge Computing Hub at Queen's. This talk gives an overview of the need for edge in a telco network and an …

Autonomous Edge Computing

A look at the need for autonomy at the edge and how it may be realised.

Rakuten Mobile Makes an Autonomous Network

Outlining the collaboration oppertunities with Rakuten Mobile and NECTEC