The Toothbrush Made Us Do It: The Telco Need for Dynamic Intelligent Runtimes

Data is everywhere, but who makes sure that it gets to where its going?

Architecture Framework for Autonomous Networks

This is a work in progress architectural framework for the design of a system capable of performing autonomous operation or networks systems. This is submitted to the ITU Focus Group on Autonomous Networks as document FGAN-I-098.

D3.3: Specifications of Systems Software and Programming Model

N.B. The link to this pdf seems to be broken and i can’t recall the full details. The pdf used to be here

A linguistic approach to concurrent, distributed, and adaptive programming across heterogeneous platforms

Two major trends in computing hardware during the last decade have been an increase in the number of processing cores found in individual computer hardware platforms and an ubiquity of distributed, heterogeneous systems. Together, these changes can …

Craig McLaughlin

Craig was one of my final year project students during my PhD. The goal of this project is to implement static analysis at compile time to enable safe memory optimisations in message passing languages.

Kristian Hentschel

Kristian was one of my masters students during my PhD. The goal of this project is to add simple types to Ensemble to enable the simplification of openCL programming by using actors.