Fergus w. Leahy

Fergus was a maser student that i co-supervised with my advisor Joe Sventek. Abstract: The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly growing area of computing, with manufacturers rushing to market and standards bodies sticking to tried and tested architectures.

A Virtual Machine for the Insense Language

The Insense VM is a specialised Java virtual machine for running Insense programs on wireless sensor nodes. The VM runs on top of InceOS, a purpose-built operating system. A split VM architecture is used, in which Insense programs are compiled to …

Calum Cameron

Callum was one of my masters students during my PhD. The goal of this project is to create a virtual machine interpreter which will run on sensor motes. This work was published here.

Shinyi Breslin

Shinyi was one of my masters students during my PhD. The goal of this project is to post an embedded os to run on linux, and use the resource control given by cgroups to tightly control how many and how often they may use the resources of the machine.

InceOS: The Insense Specific Operating System

This dissertation details the creation of InceOS, a language-specific operating system used to animate Insense, a new component-based language for programming networks of computing devices. A detailed justification for InceOS is made by comparison …


This report details the modification of Contiki, a wireless sensor network operating system, to allow it to run as a virtual domain over the Xen hypervisor. Also explained is how the simulation was made possible by the use of a central domain to …