NetworkX: Invited Talk and Pannel Session


At NetworkX I will be presenting a short talk on programmable networks and participating in a pannel session on the role and challenges of AI in network operation.

Oct 18, 2022 — Oct 21, 2022
Rai, Amsterdam


In the past 15 years, network technology has advanced to the point that end-to-end virtualisation of network hardware is deployed in production networks, realising the digital transformation. This new operational landscape has enabled almost all areas of the network to be controlled by software, opening the door to intelligent, AI-based operation and management. Unfortunately, the large scale and dynamic environment found in national carrier networks make the design, update, and maintenance of this AI-based control a challenging task that is currently the responsibility of engineers.

This talk will share insight from state-of-the-art research and standards on how to create networks that can program themselves, and take a step towards building level 5 autonomous networks.

14:50 on the 19th of October



13:45 on 20th of October