Towards evolution-based autonomy in large-scale systems (to appear)

To achieve truly autonomous behaviour systems need to adapt to not only previously unseen circumstances but also previously unimagined ones. A hierarchical evolutionary system is proposed which is capable of displaying the emergent behaviour …

Research and Development of Cooperative Autonomous Networks

This is a multi-year funded research award by the Japanese National Institute of Information and CommunicationsTechnology

Strathclyde University: Evolutionary Computing

A research collaboration on applying evolutionary principles to the creation and adaptation of control systems

Evolutionary Autonomous Networks

The communication networks of today can greatly benefit from autonomous operation and adaptation, not only due to the implicit cost savings, but also because autonomy will enable functionalities that are infeasible today. Across industry, academia …

Evolving Autonomous Networks

The need to think about autonomous networks in a different way.

Towards a Truly Autonomous Network

Public friendly version on my thoughts towards achieving true autonomy.